Graphic Design

& Fish Cleaning

I'm All About One Thing: Mesh Dynamics. Viral Portals. Tactical Eventualities. Client Synergies. Virtual Niches.

i don’t know what any of that means

Be the Driver of Wisdom

You must take a stand against desire. Without insight, one cannot heal. Yes, it is possible to disrupt the things that can destroy us, but not without stardust on our side.

You and I are storytellers of the galaxy. To navigate the myth is to become one with it. We exist as electromagnetic resonance.

How Does It Work?

We'll Just Go Through These 4 Easy Steps


First, You Give Me Half the Money

it makes my world go ’round. it’s the only thing i care about. i need it to drink wine and eat salad. i hate salad but i eat one every night. because i know it’s good for me. that’s gotta be worth something.


You Explain Why You Know More than Me

it’s probably true. it’s almost certainly true. but there’s one thing i’m better at than you. solving puzzles. i do the NY times crossword puzzle every day and i don’t cheat. i also don’t lie. well, i might but not to you.


I Do the "Work"

please don’t bother me during this difficult time. 


You Give me the Rest of the Money

eventually. at least i hope you do. because there’s not much i can do about if you don’t. even if i could afford to sue i’m not going to. i hate that shit.

Highly Intelligent


i do yoga and meditate. i have been to India. i know how to do alternate nostril breathing. i have large earlobes like the buddha. what i’m trying to say is there’s nothing you can do to piss me off. i live in oakland, california, which is not at all like brooklyn. stop saying that.

Eric Jennings, Head Cheese

What My Clients Say

i hate cleaning and gutting fish so when i saw that eric can do that i jumped on him. after he pushed me off his back he scaled, gutted, cleaned and filleted my fish in a professional and timely manner. is that the right spelling? filleted? it looks weird.
satisfied client
Beautiful writing, great plot, sympathetic and intriguing characters. Considering how popular apocalyptic literature is now and how much there is of it, this still stands head and shoulders above the rest as a leader in this genre.
Verified Purchaser
eric is by far the most Integer quam sem, scelerisque non eros in, commodo bibendum ligula. Integer sollicitudin tortor eu ullamcorper lacinia. Vivamus a ligula in lacus volutpat sodales.
pope francis


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